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A recent addition to my range of services has been Family History Research.

Like many people I was first inspired by the BBC's "Who Do You Think You Are" programme to look into my own family history.

From there it was a natural progression to combine my design experience with the use of online resources and undertake family history research on behalf of clients. The end result can be a bespoke, illustrated family tree to be treasured by future generations.

Having now researched a number of family histories, I am convinced that even the most average of families has stories to rival those of the stars on the television. My research facilities are no different to anyone else who has access to the internet and if you have the time and inclination, then my advice would always be to undertake your own family history research - you are almost certain to come up with a range of fascinating stories involving family intrigue, romance or tragic death in childhood. familytreesample

Having done your research, you may be uncertain how to present your data. Alternatively, you may be unfamiliar with the internet, or simply do not have the time to do the research yourself.

Whatever the case, I can help.

By supplying just a few basic details, such as grandparents' dates of birth, it is normally very easy to work back into the nineteenth century via the census records to uncover your family's roots. Further detail can then be added through a whole range of records relating to such events as birth, marriage, death or military service. These results can then be collated and combined with old family photographs to form your own personalised family tree, presented in a spiral bound booklet with laminated covers.treesample

How much is all this going to cost you? Very simple, I charge £10 per hour, whether it is for research, collation of family trees or even digital enhancement of aging family photographs. The cost of the booklets varies, but starts at around £10 for an average 30 page booklet.

Even if you do not wish to go to the final stage of having a booklet produced and are just curious about your family's background, I can still carry out research on your behalf. An outlay of just £50 should provide a wealth of information about some of your key ancestors and if you want to delve further into the past to find out more, you can always spend a little more.

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